Why is MAMO’S Garlic Sauce now being sold at room temperature instead of refrigerated?

It used to be sold as a refrigerated product, but is now sold at room temperature after rigorous lab testing. It does not need to be refrigerated at all, not even after opening.

If MAMO’S Garlic Sauce separates, is it still okay to eat?

If either product separates, just shake it up or stir it to remix.

Why does MAMO’S Black Garlic Sauce taste a bit sweet? Is there added sugar?

The black garlic has a sweetness to it after fermentation, and coupled with the balsamic vinegar, it lends more of a sweet flavor to the product. There is NO added sugar.

What is the shelf life of MAMO’S Garlic Sauce?

The shelf life of MAMO’S is a year. After a year, the garlic reduces in pungency. The balsamic vinegar and salt act as natural preservatives.