About MGS


Let MAMO’S Garlic Sauce simplify your life by taking the effort out of cooking. Chefs know that fabulous meals don’t have to be complicated; quality ingredients can make all the difference. Incorporating MAMO’S Garlic Sauce into every meal not only ensures a gourmet taste every time; it means less time spent in the kitchen, enabling you to spend more time with your family and friends. Make MAMO’S Garlic Sauce a key ingredient in your cooking and every meal will be a smashing success.

Simply spread MAMO’S Garlic Sauce on poultry, fish, pork, meat or veggies before cooking, the garlic roasts into the food, and the almonds toast into a savory coating. A groovy spread for sandwiches, a fabulous pesto for pasta and a delectable dip, MAMO’S Garlic Sauce is also a healthy and vegan alternative to butter and mayo.


I created MAMO’S Garlic Sauce in 1991 to put on a pork loin roast for a family Thanksgiving dinner I catered. My husband, Brian, encouraged me to share it with the world, and our family and friends wholeheartedly agreed.

In March 1995, we introduced it at Quality Seafood, a specialty market in Austin, Texas where it became an overnight sensation. It was so incredibly popular that the local Whole Foods, Central Market and H.E.B. picked it up immediately. Two and a half years later, MAMO’S Garlic Sauce was available in over 600 grocery outlets across the country, as well as several gourmet stores in Canada and Japan. In September of 1995, the head chef at the University of Texas’ Culinary Department began using MAMO’S Garlic Sauce for an added zest to his fabulous creations.

In September, 1996, our daughter, Kevin M. Dean was born. She has always been MAMO’S Garlic Sauce’s biggest fan.


For those of you who wonder from where the name “MAMO” came: As the first born grandchild on both my parents’ sides, I had the privilege of bestowing my grandparents with their monikers, and I “chose” Mamo for my maternal grandmother. When Brian and I were trying to decide what to name my creation, he suggested naming it after Mamo, since I both came up with her moniker and created the garlic sauce. We gave her a call and she was thrilled; thus, MAMO’S Garlic Sauce became official.


MAMO’S Garlic Sauce was rockin’ and rollin’! We began our venture in 1995, in a small 500 sq. ft. kitchen at The Farmer’s Market on Burnet Road in Austin, Texas. (Way back in the Hill Rylander days.) By mid 1999, we had our own 4,000 sq. ft. facility, as well as a distribution company, PITA Distributing. (It was small – we only had one truck.) PITA Distributing delivered MAMO’S Garlic Sauce all over the country because established distribution companies would not carry a single item vendor. However, at the time, stores allowed Direct Store Delivery (DSD), so we were able to distribute our own product.

Unfortunately, by late 1999, the large distribution companies had taken over all distribution businesses, so the stores were no longer accepting DSD, resulting in our inability to continue delivering our product. Plus, this was long before Google and the internet became ubiquitous, so we had no back up avenue on which to rely. We were compelled to pull the product in 2000, and I never felt the desire to try to make a bunch of different products just so we would be carried by distributors. The reason we started out as, and remained, a single item vendor was because my creation of MAMO’S Garlic Sauce was completely serendipitous; I never contemplated creating other products just to add to our existing ONE.

Anyway, after the product was no longer available, fans of MAMO’S continued to contact me about my plans to put it back on the market. However, at the time, Brian and I truly believed that our short lived success was over, and felt super lucky to have even been on the MAMO’S crazy roller coaster ride in the first place. So, for the next 20 years or so, I only made MAMO’S Garlic Sauce for personal use in my cooking and entertaining.

Over the last 20 years fans of MAMO’S Garlic Sauce continued to encourage me to put it back on the market, but I remained opposed to try to conform to the industry’s rules of presenting multiple products. However, the game has now changed. Since the internet makes everything so easy, after all of these years, MAMO’S GARLIC SAUCE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!

So, after years of MAMO’S fans requesting that we bring it back to the market, we knew we needed to get MAMO’S Garlic Sauce back into the mouths of garlic lovers everywhere. (Even those who are not big fans of garlic, enjoy the complexity of its flavor as well as its variety of uses.) In September 2018, my best friend Kristy Glomb, a huge fan of MAMO’S Garlic Sauce, told me about a new place that just opened: The Culinary Room in Lockhart Texas. We introduced the product to the owners; they absolutely loved it and were thrilled to carry it. Kristy has been working with me and investing into the product ever since, making her my partner in round 2 of this venture. Our company is committed to providing the world’s tastiest, healthiest and all natural garlic sauce, and making it easily available to fans of MAMO’S everywhere. ENJOY – But remember, CAUTION: The more you eat, the more you eat!


MAMO’S Garlic Sauce is dedicated to my late husband Brian, without whom none of this would have been possible.