Taste the mouthwatering flavor of our new product, MAMO’S Black Garlic Sauce.

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Mamo’s Garlic Sauce manufactures Mamo’s Garlic Sauce and Mamo’s Black Garlic Sauce, all natural gourmet foods. Mamo’s Garlic Sauce is a healthy, scrumptious and friendly addition to any lifestyle, including the following top dietary choices: Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Macrobiotic, Mediterranean, Noom, Mayo Clinic, DASH, Flexitarian, Nordic, MIND, Weight Watchers, TLC, Atkins – the list goes on.

Attention all MAMO’S Garlic Sauce fans/addicts: Check out the latest:

The Groovy Garlic Gals are extremely excited to announce that we’ve launched a campaign with Mainvest, a secure and easy to use investment platform! We’re raising funds to purchase equipment that will allow us to make tons more garlic sauce in a shorter amount of time, giving us more time to market, market, market, and sell, sell, sell!!!! Click here to discover how you can join us on our journey: mainvest.com/b/mamos-garlic-sauce-lockhart.

Why Mainverst and not GoFundMe? Mainvest is an investment platform that allows members of our community to invest in us and see potential returns tied to our revenue. So instead of being donation-based like GoFundMe, we decided that we wanted to reward our biggest supporters, believers, and those who have invested in us, with a revenue sharing note. We are not soliciting donations; this is an investment. This is our way for us to say thanks for believing in us, and for our fans to share in our exciting growth. mainvest.com/b/mamos-garlic-sauce-lockhart.

Thanks for checking out this amazing opportunity.

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